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Mike S. is an orthodontist from Edmond, OK who received regenerative cell therapy at The Regen Room with Dr. Scott Waugh, MD. Not wanting to have knee surgery, Mike elected to try stem cell treatment. He is back to playing golf and no longer in pain.

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Eugene A.

Retired Military

"I was two weeks away from having knee replacement surgery when I found The Regen Room. For years I had been living with knee pain so bad I walked backwards down stairs. After just two weeks of having the procedure (A2M) done, there was a 100% difference."

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Neuropathy Patient

After years of suffering with Neuropathy, at 82 years of age, I finally found relief thanks to Dr. Waugh. By the time I went back for my two week follow up appointment, I was already feeling much better. I cannot recommend this enough to anyone suffering with Neuropathy. 

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