We're Different. Our Approach is built around the only thing that matters...outcomes.

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VIP Patient Experience. Personalized Treatment Plan. Thirteen Week Onramp Program. Lifestyle Coach.

These are just a few of the things that set us apart from the rest. Come see why we succeed where others fail. When you choose The Regen Room, you become part of our community...a community of the healthiest people in Houston.

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Diagnose & Find The Root Cause

Find the Root Cause

Using diagnostic techniques, medical history, ultrasound imaging and advanced motion analytics technology, we will find the root cause of your pain.

Once you are ready to begin, we create a baseline assessment using the most advanced sensor technology available to measure range of motion, symmetry, gait and balance. Using objective data, we develop a comprehensive picture for measuring and tracking your progress.



Understand & Develop Personalized Treatment Plan

Personalized Treatment Plan

With the information and data captured during our initial diagnostic evaluation and body mechanics assessment, our medical providers will create a treatment plan specific to you. We use proven product algorithms to give you the best chance for a successful outcome and to meet your individual goals.

Understanding Your Pain
Personalized Plan



It's Time For Your Procedure

We have redefined the patient experience at The Regen Room. No waiting around to see the doctor. No impersonal front desk staff encounters. This is a VIP Experience from the moment you enter.

This is where experience, superior products and medicine converge to provide the foundation for your successful outcome. After determining the best treatment algorithm for your pain, our physicians will use ultrasound guidance to ensure the "medicine gets to where the pain is."




Implement 90 Day Onramp Program to Success

Comprehensive Program

Immediately following your procedure, it is time to begin your 90 Day Onramp to Success. You will meet with your lifestyle coach and be scheduled to begin your sessions at The Athletic Room. Their staff will employ various modalities each week such as compression, contrast therapy, stretching, PEMF treatment and other recovery methods used by elite athletes.


Ready to Come See For Yourself?

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