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My name is Dr. Maryam "Meg" Qayum, MD. Regenerative Medicine is one of the most exciting things to happen in the last 100 years. The applications and possibilities are literally endless. My regenerative medicine areas of expertise include pain, aesthetics and anti-aging. I am an endless seeker of more knowledge on how I can bring this new medicine to the benefit of our patients.

Meet Dr. Meg



Dr. Meg Qayum is a Board-Certified physician with a specialty degree in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. With over twenty years’ experience.  She began her career in sports and musculoskeletal medicine, where she honed her skills in the use of regenerative techniques and procedures for both pain management and healing of injury.  These techniques include stem cell therapy, PRP’s and exosome therapy.  

Her interest in pain management grew from this practice as numerous positive outcomes in her patient population, coupled with the high safety profile of these treatments, lead her to expand her services to meet the ever growing demands of her patients for pain relief. 

More often than not, Dr. Meg was hearing patients saying they wanted options to improve their quality of life, vitality and overall sense of wellbeing in a safe and effective way.  At The Regen Room, Dr. Meg brings her years of background in regenerative science and dedication to the most current and cutting-edge procedures to become the premier provider of regenerative medicine for the Houston area. 

Dr. Meg Qayum received her Doctorate in Medicine from Louisiana State Medical School and completed her Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency at Charity Hospital in New Orleans.  

Dr. Meg Qayum is an active member of the A4M and is a fellow in Anti-Aging, Metabolic and Functional Medicine. She is a member of the International Cell Surgical Society and is trained in the use of stem cell therapy, PRP’s and peptides. 

Why We Are Different

Unlike a lot of regenerative medicine clinics who simply give you an injection and check on you at your six week followup, The Regen Room combines a physiological, mechanical and functional medicine approach over a 13 week program. This is included at no additional charge as part of your regenerative medicine treatment therapy. When we say "outcomes matter more than anything," we mean it! This is just one way we are different from all the rest.

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