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I Still Get Blown Away

I have been in regenerative medicine for 12 years now. I started with PRP way back then but it was still considered regenerative orthopedics. It was exciting to see patients get better when there was no good surgical alternative or the patient wished to avoid surgery. I had a niche where I could do more than the typical “standard of care” sports medicine physician despite not having the credentials to perform surgery. 

Today I had another patient who was blown away by his results. This was his 6-month follow-up appointment for a right knee meniscus tear. It is well-known now in my industry that surgery for meniscus tears are not necessary in most cases. But most physicians and surgeons recommend surgery no matter what the symptoms. In reality, the only cases that mandate surgery are those that are acutely locked in one position or those that continue to swell, have mechanical symptoms or have pain that is affecting activities of daily living and sleep despite...

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Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cells

Regenerative medicine and stem cells. Two terms that are getting tossed around a lot in today’s world of modern medicine. But what do they actually mean?
Regenerative Medicine with stem cells is not as complex as people think, especially for something that seems so futuristic. Think about it like this: wouldn’t it be cool if humans shared the same capability as an animal like the starfish? The starfish can regrow their limbs and though we are not able to regrow our limbs, our bodies do have the incredible ability to continually restore blood, skin, and other tissues. Regenerative medicine is a promising area of progress and has been proven to work for procedures that have existed for decades, similar to bone marrow transplants.

Stem cells are nonspecific cells that can become more specific cells. There are two categories of stem cells:  embryonic and adult. When the body loses blood, whether from a scraped elbow or blood donation, the body is replenished...

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