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Breathing For Performance

breathing Mar 05, 2020


Breathing.  It’s one of the most essential parts of living but often the most underrated, disregarded aspect of our health. Let's face it: we take breathing for granted. We breath from the moment we are born until the moment we die. Breathing is something that we do both consciously and unconsciously. Knowing this means we can take control of our breathing and change how we go about it. Why would we want to do that?  Let’s explore the importance of controlled breathing on a deeper level. 

Did you know we take approximately 25,000 breaths a day? Many of us think about counting calories or counting fat content and sugars but we never really think about breathing even though it’s so essential to our lives.  It is important to understand how to breath, especially when embarking on any physical activity because how you breathe will directly impact how you perform. Breathing has a tremendous impact on your body.

In Western medicine right now,...

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