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8 Summer Family Exercise Activities

staying active Jun 15, 2020

8 Summer Family Exercise Activities

What’s better than getting outdoors for some fitness fun? Bringing the family along! Help keep your family healthy and active by planning summer fitness outings the whole family can enjoy.

Depending on their age, you can get kids involved in some of the summer activities listed above, but there are other activities that are perfect for family time. Pushing kids on the swings will work your arms, back, core and glutes, and here are 8 family-friendly summer exercise opportunities below that will give you a great workout.

  1. Hopscotch: Don’t just be a spectator! You get to play too and enjoy a leg workout while getting in some quality time with fam.
  2. Tag: This classic game is great for getting everyone running around and giggling.
  3. Racquetball: Play in your backyard or take a racquetball set to the beach for pure fun and a cardio workout in the sunshine, plus it’s great for helping kids with coordination.
  4. Baseball: Head to a nearby park for some batting practice or improvise a small family game. Set a reward for hitting home runs!
  5. Pick-Up Soccer: The FIFA World Cup is this summer, after all, so get out a soccer ball and have some family fun. You don’t even need a formal goal, just use your imagination. Kicking a ball around in the backyard is a great summer workout.
  6. Water balloons: Fill up some water balloons on a hot day and have the ultimate battle in your backyard. Just be sure everyone helps clean up the balloon bits after!
  7. Swimming (or treading water): If your kids are good swimmers, head to the pool and take some pool games along too. Swimming and treading water are great exercises.
  8. Catch/Fetch: Let’s face it, pets are family too! Play a hybrid game of catch and fetch to get your pup in on the fun.

Stay active and healthy this summer!   


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