Toward Consultations, Services and Treatment

The 360 Wellness Pass provides access to services designed to improve your overall health and wellness, reduce or eliminate pain and restore your quality of life without medications or surgery. It comes preloaded with $500 Credit toward services and treatments at The Regen Room.


How It Works

What You'll Get

BioMech Assessment

BioMech Assessment ($89 Value)

The most advanced sensor technology in the world for Body Motion and Mechanics Analytics, the BioMech Assessment measures balance, gait, symmetry and range of motion. This baseline report (yours to keep) provides our medical team with a snapshot of your current body mechanics and will be used to develop personalized treatment plans and measure improvement.

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Ultrasound Image Diagnostic

Ultrasound Diagnostic ($125 Value)

Ultrasound image guidance is used to “look inside” your joints to evaluate the source of your pain and determine the severity. This tool allows our medical providers to determine if our treatment therapies will benefit you.

Neuropathy Assessment

Neuropathy Assessment ($79 Value)

Our neuropathy protocols and treatment therapies are changing patient lives. The assessment will use a combination of medical diagnostic techniques and the BioMech sensor technology to determine if you are a candidate for our New and Innovative Neuropathy Treatment Program.

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Compression Therapy

Compression Therapy Session ($40 Value)

Our NormaTec systems offer each of our clients a 20-minute session specifically designed to flush out lactic acid and toxins as pulsating air compresses and then releases, similar to the kneading feeling of a massage. This patented pulsing sensation will reduce swelling, fluid build-up by increasing blood flow and assisting the lymphatic system for removal of toxins from your body. Experience the natural benefits of improved circulation, relief from muscle pain and soreness, resulting in a faster recovery.

Apply Credit Toward Procedure

Up to $500 OFF Procedure

If you are a candidate for one of our treatment therapies, and elect to receive treatment, you can apply the balance of your 360 Wellness Pass Credit toward your procedure cost. 

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“My knees have been hurting for at least a decade. I dreaded getting out of bed every morning and taking that first step. Because of pain, I always had trouble doing the things I loved to do like traveling, going for walks and playing tennis. With The Regen Room, I got rid of the pain, I learned better techniques for eating, sleeping and exercise, and it’s improved my life immensely….beyond what I dreamed possible.”

Christopher A.

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“Within a matter of hours, my knees were already feeling better. I went from it being painful to stand up to being hopeful I can go skiing again. I probably shouldn't say this, but it doesn't hurt anymore to just get up from the toilet. I cannot believe how fast and how well it worked. I highly recommend this to anyone."


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